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This Premium Ad Space features an Article/Blog post of your choosing. However, it is displayed in the top banner of the homepage for 1 week. There are 52 Premium Homepage Cover News Posts per year (1 per week). A business owner can purchase up to 2 per month. The weeks available are sold on a first-come/first-serve basis.

Article Guidelines

Is your article (also called a blog post)…

  • Interesting?
  • Informative?
  • Entertaining?
  • Unique?
  • Intelligently written by yourself, one of your employees, or a professional copywriter you hired?
  • Proofed very carefully many times by yourself and in its final version?

Your post needs:

  • A catchy title
  • A category
  • 400-1000 words
  • A large, high-quality “featured” image (2000 pixels wide x 1000 pixels high at 72dpi, jpg only)

Your article can have:

  • Multiple images (up to 8)
  • Links, including affiliate links
  • Your logo or your headshot
  • Your contact info (name, title or position, very short bio, email, phone, website)

Articles cannot include tabular data.


  • Events
  • Business Tips
  • Home and Garden
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Activities and Attractions
  • Lodging
  • Recipes
  • Opinion, Commentary, Musings…
  • People, Places, Things
  • How-Tos, Before and Afters, Case Studies
  • Featured Property or Project
  • Art, Photography, Crafts
  • Something else? Just ask.

Types of Articles Allowed:

  • Press Releases – link
  • Tips / How-Tos
  • Upcoming Event
  • Recipes
  • Featured Projects / artist / tour / home
  • Places in Sedona and Verde Valley / Day Trips
  • Things To Do around here
  • Case Studies / Featured Services
  • Fundraiser

Article Topics Not Allowed:

  • Politics
  • Religions
  • Weapons, etc
  • “Adult” entertainment or reproductive
  • Gambling
  • Loans, mortgages, payday
  • Dietary supplements
  • Alcohol, weed, vapes, tobacco, illegal drugs,  anything “smokable”, etc…

What do we do with your articles?

  1. First, we design your posts and make them look fabulous.
  2. Then, we publish them on this website.
  3. Last but not least, we feature them in our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and our eNewsletter.

Editor’s Notice:

We have the right to refuse to publish your content on our website for any reason. Some reasons might be:

  • Poor-quality writing
  • Offensive content (it’s mean, hateful, intolerant or insulting)
  • Boring content
  • It’s “conspiracy-based”
  • Is full of typos and grammatical errors/photos are poor quality
  • It plagiarizes or uses stolen content
  • Presents false, misleading, or out-of-date information

The editorial staff also has the right to remove your content at any time for any reason.

Read Important Copyright Infringement Information here ⇒

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Promoting Your Business

How do we promote your business? Well, this online magazine is one example. You can choose 4 different ways to utilize this space:

Business Directory Listings

Directory Listings last 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year. They feature your contact information, logo or profile pic, photos, YouTube videos, business descriptions, map, and a link to your website. See a Business Directory Listing Template here ⇒

Read the Sedona Business Directory Resources & Guidelines here ⇒


Ads are billed monthly, every 6 months, or yearly and have several locations on this website to choose from. See Ad Specs here ⇒


Articles (blog posts) are a really fun and inexpensive way to get published on the web (and get links!). See our Article Guidelines here ⇒

Homepage Cover News Story

This large, high-visibility section at the top of the homepage is available only 52 times per year and is published for a full week. It is offered on a first-come/first-serve basis. One business can reserve this premium space only twice per month. Read Guidelines here ⇒

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