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Sedona Scenic Drives

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Sometimes you just want to chill, take a drive, play your favorite tunes, and enjoy the views. The Sedona area has a variety of beautiful scenic drives that will inspire, relax, and awe you. So, skip hiking for a day and put the top down if the weather is nice. Cruise through red rock canyons, explore winding rural roads, discover a volcano, stop at a winery, or have a picnic, and enjoy this stunning, magical landscape.

Sunrise in Sedona – Where to Go, What to Do

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Sunrise in Sedona -- Start your day off with a magical, serene sunrise in Sedona, Arizona and enjoy these perfect locations that are ideal for welcoming in the new day with mindfulness and joy. Through years of exploration and experience, we’ve mapped out several places where you can bask in the awakening landscape during a peaceful Sedona sunrise.


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