One-of-a-kind, museum-quality “Source of Life” Beaded Egg Purses and Fine Enamels by Shirley Bierman.

Beaded egg purses and fine enamels by Shirley Bierman

Shirley Bierman

A celebrated artist, Shirley lived her life as art, breathing it into all she did from her early years as a recognized concert/opera singer, performing on stage, radio and television; her mastery of enamels and cloisonné garnering numerous Best in Show and First Place Awards; unique personal invitations to participate in private, state and national venues including “The Dinner Party” by Judy Chicago – a multi-media exhibit viewed in museums nationwide; exhibition in the state-of the-art gallery by personal invitation of the late, great Sascha Brastoff; participation in the California Expo and induction of two “Source of Life” purses into the permanent collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

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Rhonda Bierman





Cornville, AZ


Fine Artist

“Source of Life” Egg Purse Collection

An ancient tradition brought to new levels…

As an expression of love and friendship that lived in the heart of the giver, the ancient tradition of gifting a decorated egg, a symbol of the source of life and new beginnings, reaches new levels in the design and creation of Shirley’s unique “Source of Life” purse collection.

“Source of Life” purses are created from the eggs of the emu, ostrich or rhea. Each egg is cut, hinged and fitted with fine quality hardware. Lining and trim complementary to the unique design is carefully selected. Swarovski crystals, beads and with some, semi-precious gemstones are applied individually, by hand, to a specially prepared enameled surface, creating an artistic treasure. Each purse reflects 60 to 120 hours of Shirley’s meticulous work and design. As with any fine art object, a certain amount of care should be taken yet all “Source of Life” purses are fashioned to be worn, displayed and always cherished.

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Fine Enamels

To Shirley, a true student of the arts, the wide variety of diverse aesthetic techniques and uses of enamels were almost infinite!   She researched, trained, explored and mastered Grisaille, Champlevé, Cloisonné and Plique-à-Jour.

The intriguing masterpieces displayed in this limited collection represent a breadth of artistic movements from powerful, expressive abstract to realism, classics to impressionism, from masterpieces to the “just plain cute”… all of which express her seemingly limitless appreciation of the arts as well as her wonderful sense of humor.

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