Join us for your adventure of a lifetime!
Adventure Travel Tours Especially for Women! Canyon Calling was created in 1996 so active
women like you could enjoy extraordinary travel adventures! Come solo or bring a friend!

Women traveling together, small group tours with Canyon Calling Adventures for Women

Business Description

The idea for taking women on adventure trips was conceived on a jeep in Sedona, Arizona in 1996. Guiding tours over the red rocks, occasionally the group was all women. The women, strangers to each other just two hours previously, bonded easily and often had lunch together afterward. We noticed that quiet women, who would unlikely have said much in a co-ed group, had plenty to share. Co-ed groups politely listened to information about Native Americans but the all-women groups showed a keen interest, asked questions, and really understood the native connection to the land. We realized something extraordinary happens when women travel together and we made this a more permanent option… thus the founding of Canyon Calling Adventures for Women.

After deciding it was time to make a life change, our Owner (and Chief Adventurer) Janet Scalzo moved to Arizona. Janet brings the experience of over thirty years in the travel industry, along with years of international travel and marketing operations with her. Most importantly, she brings her innate sense of curiosity, true love of sustainable adventure tourism, passion for hospitality, and desire to connect with the local culture.

“Growing up I wanted to see what was around every bend in the road – I still do! I want to meet the people that live there, taste the food, experience the culture, and celebrate our differences and commonalities. I’ve had tremendous opportunities to do this around the world and now I am sharing the sheer joy of local, personalized adventures with all women that are curious and consider themselves global citizens. I learned that connecting with the locals is the essence of any travel experience and that all of our trips would ensure this vital element”.

Our adventure destinations are a mixture of our own personal favorites, our guide’s input, research, and guest ideas. These popular destinations are refreshed regularly, and new and exciting adventures are being introduced. We have brought in ‘softer’ adventure trips, active vacations with more emphasis on food and wine, maybe a mineral spa or two, but above all, we continue to ensure a superb adventure vacation for you!

Carpe diem,

Janet Scalzo
Chief Adventurer